An attack is being made on electronic cigarettes!
Many states are trying to enact legislation that would make it illegal to smoke e-cigs in public. We are particularly concerned about a recent propsal in our home state of Kentucky.
Governor Beshear has endorsed a 20% tax increase on all electronic cigarette products and a bill to prohibit smoking (to include e-cigs) in all public places including Vape shops. These bills, HR220 and HB 173, would hurt many small businesses, employees, and you the e-cig user. If you are a resident of Kentucky, please call the Kentucky Legislative message line at 1-800-372-7181 and leave the following message.
"Please oppose Gov. Besear's plan to tax electronic cigarettes and increase the tax on smokeless tobacco because both would harm public health and hurt small businesses in Kentucky. Also, please introduce and support an amendment to HB 173 so that smoke free electronic cigarettes are not included in Kentucky's smoking ban."
We Must stand up for our rights!!
See CASAA.ORG for more
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